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We love Catering for our customers. If you want fast and friendly catering that always delivers both on-time and with tons of bold and wonderful flavors, then you’ll love all that Strip-n-Dip Chicken Strips can do for you. Consider hiring us for your next get-together or catered event.

Our customers consistently tell us that Baked, Fried, Grilled Chicken Strips are different and that they, of course, love every bite. But what exactly is it that makes us so different? What is it that wins us praise year after year? We care about flavors. In fact, our flavors are the result of extensive experiments designed to calculate just the right formula for our sauces. The end result has been tasty chicken strips that we are proud to serve to our customers.

Here’s why Strip-n-Dip Catering is the right choice for you:

Great Flavors – You can always depend on our wonderful food to be extremely tasty!

Always Hot – When we cater your event, you can be sure all our food will arrive hot, fresh and ready to go!

Self Contained Means Easy – Our goal is to give you great food and all you need to enjoy it as well. That means we include such essentials as utensils and napkins.

Something Very Tasty and Different – Catering can be boring, but not when Strip-n-Dip Chicken Strips caters your event!

High Quality Ingredients – We love what we do and it shows in how we treat our customers and the food that we prepare. Our careful selection of high-quality ingredients means a catering experience you’ll fondly remember.

Zero Fuss, Zero Hassles, But Plenty of Smiles – We take care of everything. That means we bring you everything you need and do it with a big smile.

Cost Effective – We can cater for a wide-range of budgets and stand as a very cost effective way for you to have delicious food served up in a fast and friendly fashion.

Contact us today to learn more about how Strip-n-Dip Chicken Strips can help you with your catering needs!

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"Strip-n-Dip" is for baked, fried and grilled. This means that all of our chicken strips and side dishes are served either baked, fried or grilled! We take pride in using fresh, non-frozen . Our food is always cooked to order and to make sure your meal is fresh, we prep our food on a daily basis! We offer a variety of homemade sauces and some familiar ones for those.

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